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Generic Prescription Drugs - Your Health. Our Commitment. #Take with Confidence
  • Take with Confidence
    Generic Drugs: Take with Confidence
    According to the FDA, “Generic medications are just as safe and effective as their brand-name counterparts, and often cost less.”
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    American Patients: Tell Congress to Fix the USMCA
    AAM’s Jonathan Kimball urges Americans to tell their member of Congress to stand up for patients and fix the USMCA trade agreement (NAFTA 2.0).
  • Pills and biosimilars
    The Importance of Quality and Competition
    Vigorous, ethical competition is the foundation of the generic drug and biosimilar industry. AAM members develop and manufacture medicines that conform to high standards of quality, safety and efficacy as determined by regulatory authorities where they operate.
  • 2019 AAM Access & Savings report - pills image
    AAM's 2019 Access & Savings in the U.S. Report
    The quality and affordability of generic medicines makes possible greater access, adherence and improved health for millions of patients across the United States.
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    Biosimilars, Biologics and Interchangeability 101
    Follow along with this simple, animated white board video to learn about biosimilars, biologics, and how interchangeability can help to increase patient access while decreasing the cost of expensive medicines.
  • GRx+Biosims image of female scientist
    Be Prepared + Get Approved
    Our Justification Toolkit has everything you need to make your case for attending GRx+Biosims 2019.
  • NAFTA 2.0: Obstacles to More Affordable Medicines for Americans
    NAFTA 2.0: Obstacles to More Affordable Medicines
    The U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) or "NAFTA 2.0" contains obstacles to more affordable meds for Americans. There is still time to #FixUSMCA to put America’s patient first!
  • #Rx4Savings - Your Prescription for Savings
    Prescription for Savings
    Congress can take meaningful action to lower prescription drug costs for patients who rely on affordable medicines to live healthy lives.

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