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Ensuring Patient Access to Amoxicillin When Demand is High

The Facts About the Generic Supply and Production of Antibiotics Used to Treat Flu, RSV and COVID

Families and physicians in certain parts of the country are finding it difficult to access commonly prescribed medicines, such as amoxicillin, this winter. The combination of widespread influenza, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and COVID infections – in what public health experts are calling a tripledemic – has led to unforeseen demand for these low-cost generic treatments.

AAM Calls for Increased Voluntary Licensing of Covid Vaccines to Increase Patient Access

WASHINGTON, D.C. (August 16, 2021) — AAM and its member companies have worked extremely hard to enhance patient access to affordable treatments throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes manufacturing dexamethasone, which is estimated to have saved more than 1 million lives worldwide, and producing under voluntary licensing agreements leading vaccines and other therapeutics for use by patients in developing countries.

The Generics and Biosimilars Industry Has a Plan to Secure Our Medicines — #SecureOurMeds

The U.S. generics and biosimilars industry, makers of 90% of our nation's prescription medicines, has a plan to "#SecureOurMeds." We already produce billions of doses of medicine right here in America, and our plan ensures continued patient access through COVID and beyond.

Learn more about our path forward at:

Roadmaps for Ensuring Patient Access to Generic and Biosimilar Medicines: Securing Sustainable Markets

This paper examines the challenges to market sustainability for generic and biosimilar medicines that have cleared the regulatory and patent hurdles to obtain FDA approval and launch into the U.S. market. It is the first in a series of AAM papers that will highlight challenges to the overall sustainability of the generics and biosimilars industry.

AAM Outlines Policy Solutions for Sustained Patient Access to Generic and Biosimilar Medicines

Association for Accessible Medicines Unveils Policy Agenda for
Biden Administration and 117th Congress
Outlines Policy Solutions to Support Long-Term Sustainability of Generic and Biosimilar Medicines

New Campaign Highlights Lifesaving Role Generic Drugs Have Played in Treatment of COVID-19
Report Series Examines Threats to Patient Access and Affordability

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