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Generic medicines drive savings, not costs.

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The generic pharmaceutical industry plays an important role in the health system and generic drug manufacturers are true drivers of health system value — generating savings and enhancing access for patients, public programs, taxpayers, employers and others who rely on more affordable medicines. The 2018 Generic Drug Savings and Access in the U.S. report shows that generic pharmaceuticals saved the U.S. health system $265 billion in 2017.

To the Lawmakers of the United States Congress

We understand concerns about the cost of medicines. Thats is why AAM is advancing policy prescriptions to increase competition and make safe, effective and affordable generic drugs and biosimilar medicines more accessible for all Americans.

AAM is advocating a five point plan:

  1. Promote timely access to quality, affordable generic drugs that meet high standards of a streamlined development approval process.
  2. Create polices that recognize the different economic dynamics of the brand and generic markets.
  3. Ensure an intellectual property framework that balances the need for innovation and robust generic competition.
  4. Stop some brand drug companies from blocking or delaying generic drug development.
  5. Increase utilization of affordable generics across all patient populations.

There is legislation being considered right now that puts your generic drug savings at risk. View our active advocacy campaigns and contact your lawmaker now!

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