Erica Klinger | Association for Accessible Medicines
CBS News - How critics say drug companies play "games" to stave off generic competitors.

Erica Klinger

Director, Marketing
Erica Klinger

Erica Klinger is the Director of Marketing at the Association for Accessible Medicines. She is responsible for marketing and promotion for the association, including branding, advertising, marketing communication, social media and website content development.

Erica has over 20 years’ experience working in digital marketing and advertising, with a passion for education, advocacy and motivating audiences for action. She has led high-profile campaigns for Fortune 500 companies and nonprofit organizations across the globe. Her data-driven focus and campaign success have earned her speaking appearances at universities and conferences, including the CommA conference for foundations and Google Nonprofit Summit in DC.

Prior to joining AAM, Erica was the Director of Interactive Promotion and Strategy at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and the Director of Marketing at Seattle Foundation.